5 Decor Tips For an Ideal Cocktail Party!

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5 Decor Tips For an Ideal Cocktail Party!

Cocktail parties are usually seen as mixers where cocktails are served aplenty with delicious finger foods being served around.

A great rule for making a party memorable is to surprise the guests with unexpected elements! Cocktail parties are usually sophisticated so do not go for cheap streamers or colourful balloons!

Here we have listed 5 decor tips for an ideal cocktail party so that you can be the perfect host within no time!


Quality over quantity:

Nothing ruins a party like tawdry plastic decorations so choose quality over quantity. Use chandeliers, curtains, thick rugs, vases with fresh flowers and so on over balloons or paper decorations! This will lend a class to the party.



Use a neutral background like white or nude shades like beige or brown to make your props stand out out. If you want to go for a peaceful look, use shades of blue and if you want something feisty, choose different shades of red. Colours can actually affect the mood of the party and you can play music accordingly. You can also pick a colour theme for your guests so that everything and everybody can look coordinated.


Bathroom Essentials:

Bathrooms are going to be visited by every guest so make sure that it is in your focus too! Do not miss out on bathroom decor while housing the washroom essentials. Stock up on fresh towels, soaps, rugs and of course, make sure that the washroom has enough
water and light! Keep the decor minimal so that it doesn’t overpower the small space.Put floating candles in your bathtub for an extra touch of elegance and use a single flower to reinforce a color theme. You can also put colored beads in a bowl and keep it on the sink!


The Bar:

This is one of the most important junction at a cocktail party for the obvious reasons! The bar decor has the most impact on your guests! Line up the table with sufficient cutlery, plates and glasses with an enticing display of drinks and nibbles.

Colour coordinate the cutlery to make it look aligned and you can try out drink embellishments.


The Floor:

Make sure that the floor is a part of your decor plan too! Think of rugs and mats as they give the house a warm essence! Coordinate it with the drapes or just use a dark colour to suppress spots and stains! Attach the rugs to your flooring so that people don’t slip and fall.

You can always opt for Kashmiri rugs as they give a rich feel to the house or just go for faux fur for smaller areas. Grey faux fur rugs are in trend and you can use it in bathrooms as well.


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