5 Alluring Wedding Flower Decoration This Season

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April 16, 2018
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5 Alluring Wedding Flower Decoration This Season

An Indian wedding without flowers is like a plain vanilla cake without any frosting or a biryani without any meat. Our marriage traditions may vary from North to South, from East to West, but the ubiquitous strands of yellow and orange flowers bind us together in a shared culture of celebration.


Emblematic of natural beauty, prosperity, and fecundity, flowers are an integral part of wedding decorations and tradition. And speaking of wedding decor, this season will see a medley of unique and ingenious ways to take wedding flower decoration to the next level.


Floral Ceilings

Can you imagine anything better than walking towards your love under a canopy of hanging trellises and stunning floral arrangements cascading from the ceiling, almost as if they were conferring the blessings of a spring goddess of old?

Well, if you want it then you got as elaborate floral ceilings with breathtaking flower chandeliers are in this season. You can go for bright, celebratory beams in different shades of pink and purple or keep it simple with a peaches-and-cream tone.


Botanical Sculptures & Centerpieces

Speaking of all things floral, meticulously-crafted botanical sculptures and centerpieces are another way to spruce up with the wedding flower decoration.

Just imagine having sculptured elephants and peacocks greeting your guests as they arrive and striking centerpieces to awe them while they dine.


Indoor Forests

If you love the outdoors but not its inconveniences then with this wedding flower decoration, you can simply get the forest aesthetic created indoors. Go for elaborate settings this season with green ceilings and walls interspersed with intricate bouquets of flowers to create a fairytale landscape.


Tuscan Spring

Tuscany is known for its sun-kissed landscape with a rich profusion of pastel hues. This sweet, simple yet stunning motif with ivory and peach flowers against a verdant green. These wedding flower arrangements are ideal for a summer day, especially one held during the day.


Blossoming Mandaps

Forget the old cloth-covered mandaps, flowers are taking over this last bastion of wedding decor as well. You can have everything from natural forest wood poles to a lush efflorescent canopy to create an intimate floral bower.


We at Shruti Mullick strive to give you the wedding of your dreams, come start your journey to the altar with us.

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