Destination wedding: Suggestions and Planning!

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Destination wedding: Suggestions and Planning!

Destination weddings are usually a tad bit more hectic than the regular ones. These ceremonies are usually private or are conducted on a small scale because of the costs, season, time, availability of transportation, accommodations and intricate planning involved.

Destination wedding suggestions and ideas are plenty on the internet but we’ve chalked out the best few for you!


Pick a meaningful location:

Picking a location becomes difficult due to various factors at play but once you pick up the desired location, do know that 50% of your work has been done! Keep in mind about the theme of your wedding, the season, the availability of hotels in that area and so on!


Notify Guests in Advance:

This is one of the most crucial steps because even the guests need to figure out their calendars and budgets! Let them know well in-advance so that they can make it to your ceremony.


Visit the Location Beforehand:

Even when you are confident about the location, you need to visit it in person! You might remember it differently or there might be new developments in the area. So visit it in person and book your slots!


Hire a Wedding-Planner:

If you are considering to hire a wedding planner (which you should absolutely), make sure that you cover their cost of traveling and accommodation! Make sure that the team’s hotel is closest to the venue as they have to vigil the area 24×7.


Pack Extra:

This is a destination wedding suggestion for the planner and the couple! Always stuff your suitcase with extra materials as you cannot be sure about the availability of certain important elements. There also might be unforeseen circumstances which might require an extra pair of clothing or shoes so always carry in excess!


Never Pick Online Vendors:

Unless the website is widely popular or a friend has personally recommended, do not fall for online vendors and certainly do not make any transactions! Scams are on the rise and you might be a victim and losing money before a destination wedding, isn’t a good idea!


Go Local:

Embrace local culture! Take notice of the local delicacies and decor trends and try to incorporate it in your plan. This will save you from spending extra money on importation of goods. For example, if you’re in the coastal area, try to go for seafood as it’ll be cheaper and fresh!
We’ve had several destination wedding projects under our belt and we know the nitty-gritties required to smoothly sail through your big day! Our team of dedicated workers have always left an impression so contact us now to sort your big day!

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