Unique Ways to Seat your Guest

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September 20, 2018
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Unique Ways to Seat your Guest

Functions are always accompanied by guests and are incomplete without a crowd. They bring life to the ceremony and the process becomes even more enjoyable with our loved ones around.

One should always treat their guests with utmost hospitality and seating guests is one cumbersome task.

For the ones who don’t want to go with standard seating arrangements, could always opt for something different and by only rearranging chairs into different shapes like semi-circle, swirls and rings could give the ceremony a complete different look!

You can also replace chairs with rugs, couches, mats and picnic blankets.


Circular Ceremony Seating:

Often there is too much emphasis on the seating arrangements in a ceremony. For the one planning their wedding in a church or a temple, could go for the standard seating as it will be a feasible option. But the ones going for an outdoor venue can avail flexibility in the seating arrangements. Just like circular ceremony seating, this seating creates a warmer and a more intimate setting as the ceremony takes place in the middle. It provides a better visual for everyone in the function.


Facing sections:

This is a bit similar to the circular ceremony, as the ceremony takes place in the middle but the two groups of chairs, actually face each other. There is a lot of variation in this one. It can be setup with curved or straight rows. The chairs can be in equal numbers or in a decreasing manner forming a triangle.


Square ceremony seating:

This is for the couple who are going to exchange vows, beneath a large ceremony structure like a canopy or mandap. They should arrange chairs in a way that it should surround the ceremony placement. If the chairs are kept in a square shape, it will give better view of the ceremony.


Family-style seating:

Rather than going for a round or a square table, consider family-style seating. It requires long tables which can seat around 20 to 40 people at a time. This kind of seating gives a sophisticated look yet is surprisingly versatile. It can go well with both indoor and outdoor ceremony.


Vignette seating:

Vignette seating is another way to escape from a traditional round table arrangement and creates a more intimate areas for your guest. It includes rectangular tables and square tables surrounded with chairs. This type of seating is lovely for all event sizes and especially for a cozy indoor ceremony.



It is important for the host to receive the guests with warmth and provide all possible comfort they can afford and weddings are the time when guests are looked after the most. The seating arrangements are made in accordance with them, so that they can get a better view of the wedding ceremony. Seating arrangements can actually enhance the appeal of a wedding irrespective of its size and seats can be churned out with regular household items too. Connect with us and our team will give you the best of options and opinions for your big day.

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